Our Story

FANSONG is dedicated to providing protection for mobile accessories. Focusing on the reliability and convenience of our products to meet the needs of our customers, FANSONG is inspired by everyone's quest for beauty and the need for functional products. We focus on the reliability and convenience of our products to meet the needs of our customers.

FANSONG was founded in 2005 when we saw that many people were not overly protective of their cell phones, tablets and other electronic products. We realized that technology is constantly affecting our lives and you can and should expect more from your electronic mobile accessories. We started to try to design and produce protective cases, at first the product function only provides protection function, later, we are not satisfied with this. We pursued cases that were versatile and beautifully crafted. Soon, our products were recognized by the market. Since then, we have also been pursuing innovation, hoping to bring better mobile electronic accessories.
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We cultivate a group of like-minded people who like and are interested in mobile electronic accessories cases, and we believe that interest is the best teacher and the best anti-stress agent. This helps us become better people, and this mindset permeates our work and is reflected in everything we do, from making quality products to selling products that are recognized by our customers, there is no way to express the joy inside. We believe we have become a better team and we will continue to grow and create better quality products in the future.

After that, with the continuous development of technology, we can achieve more functions through technology. We are constantly challenging ourselves to go beyond the best products. Transforming ideas into concrete products. We want to design more styles as well as functionally diverse products to give our customers a better experience without compromising the original device profile. We create solutions to the problems that come with a busy life, so you can expect more from the devices you use every day.

We design, make, and produce cases, and nothing else. We put all of our talent into it and are proud to say that we produce the best mobile accessories in the world.
Your tech accessories should contribute to your lifestyle. We can remove the limitations of modern technology and allow you to live your life without limitations or restrictions. Convenient, versatile products bring endless possibilities to life. By uniting function, performance and style, we create accessories that are inherently versatile and limitless in scope.

Every product is designed to walk with you, wherever you go, and every product is designed to make an impact. Whether you're working, playing or exploring, we're there for you at every juncture with thoughtful design and innovative technology to help you make the most of every moment and achieve a better life.

When we once saw one of our products used as a birthday gift, both the giver and the recipient felt it was a meaningful gift. It protects our expensive electronics and also has a very stylized look, carrying them around with a protective case to give you peace of mind.

Whether you're on the road, in the office, or at home, you can use our products whenever and wherever you want to take the monotony out of your life's work time and stay productive at work. From the smallest headphones, to cell phones, to tablet cases, we have the accessories you need to fuel your productive lifestyle.

We will not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission of the brand, and make continuous improvement to the products to bring better experience to our customers.