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Types of Tablet Cases

The best iPad case for you depends on several factors including your travel needs, how you use your device, and your style preferences. A durable version is highly desirable for anyone who takes their tablet outside the house, whether that's on daily commutes or overseas adventures.

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There are a wide variety of tablet cases with different features, different prices, and different designs, and depending on the size and model of your tablet, the options are countless. This article focuses on the common types of tablet cases available in the market.

Factors to Consider
Do you need a case to stand up on its own? Is it for protection? Mobility? All of the above? Each case has pros and cons and offers one or more benefits. Understand why you need a case. This will make it easier for you to choose.

There are countless types of protective cases with a variety of different features and styles. You can find cases that open like a book and can be converted into a vertical or horizontal stand. Sleeves with leather or plastic frames, depending on the model, have cutouts for ports, buttons, and cameras, straps in the four corners to hold the tablet securely, and sleeves that wake the device when the front cover is opened. Many manufacturers and sellers also offer custom covers, where you can choose the picture, pattern or design you want on the cover. In addition, there are now tablet covers with keyboards that you can connect via Bluetooth for easy typing.

Make sure you have your tablet model, this is the most important!


Types of Tablet Cases

With different patterns, colors, designs, and features, selecting the right tablet case can be a tricky task. Following are the types of tablet cases you can select from depending on your needs and requirements:

1. Rugged Cases

If you are looking for extra protection for your tablet, there are a number of cases available that are sturdy, tough, and shock-resistant that you can choose from. No matter how many times you accidentally drop your tablet or bump it somewhere, these tough cases will ensure your tablet is protected. A typical sturdy case has a soft layer of silicone under the tough layer of hard polycarbonate to absorb the shock and protect the case from sustaining any scratches or other damages.

These cases are usually bulky and weigh more than normal tablet cases. However, they also have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. You can go with a sophisticated design or go all out with a funky color.

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2. Basic and Slim Cases

If you prefer slim and basic designs then there are numerous options available for you. These cases are built to enhance the sleek design of the tablet. Due to their thinness, you can easily fit the tablet in your pocket, which you can’t do if you have a sturdy case as they are bulky. If you are more of a design person then these cases would work great for you.

Moreover, these basic slim cases also offer protection against scratches and your tablet might also be able to survive a few falls. These covers offer basic protection, are cost-friendly, and have a variety of designs to select from. You can select from leather cases to translucent ones that can showcase the pretty design of your tablet.

These covers are usually made from a slight malleable and durable material known as TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), making them shock-absorbent and easy to fit in pockets. While it may be tough to fit your tablet in these slim cases, and your tablet might not be as protected as compared to the sturdy cases, you are still bound to find the largest variety of colors and styles in this category.

Make sure that you get the right size and cut-outs as poorly-fitted covers can add to the damage, especially around the corners. It is best to also make sure you have a good quality screen protector on the screen of your tablet, especially if the cover doesn’t have a front flap.

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3. Glitter Magnetic Smart Cover

These are favorites among tablet users. Folio cases are pocket-friendly and stylish. They are a great alternative to the basic covers, especially if you want to carry your tablet in the bag. Since these are flip-open cases, it means they always have a front cover that opens like a book. This means your tablet will be protected in your bag or purse from potential scratches.

As for drop protection, they vary depending on the design. Some offer total shell-like casing but others have no protection for the corners or sides. Genuine leather could be the best option for these cases but you can also consider cases made from polyurethane (PU). However, it might smell pretty strong and it can also crack with time.

Glitter smart cases also support the wake-sleep function of the tablet. This means your tablet will automatically sleep when you close the front flap and wake up when you open the front flap. Some folio cases also offer magnetic closures that can securely keep the cover close.

There are many folio case designs that you can even use as a wallet in addition to your tablet case. They have slots to keep credit cards, business cards, and cash. However, they can’t exactly replace your wallets since stuffing with cards and cash enhances the possibility of the case unexpectedly opening.

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4. Shockproof Cases

We have this case for one of our kids after he broke an iPad. This case is amazing. It’s lightweight, has a carrying handle and you can literally toss the tablet on the floor or against a wall and it’ll be fine. Our 5-year does just that.

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5. Creative Cases

The majority of individuals prefer to purchase the tablet cover when they buy the tablet since it is easier to simply opt for an original and basic cover. However, others prefer to go with covers that are unique, stylish, and even customizable. For this, you can extend your research to online businesses that offer unique tablet covers like crochet ones, fabric ones, and covers that you can design yourself. You can get as creative as you want with your tablet cases or covers with customization. Depending on the creator or seller, these covers can be super durable and even provide basic protection to your cover.

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