How to choose the most suitable iPad case

How to choose the most suitable iPad case

From the mobile phone that everyone can't live without to the computer that we use all the time in the office, electronic devices probably spend more time with us than our loved ones.

A tablet is a middle ground between a phone and a computer. They play an even more essential role in people's work and study. As the most famous and recognized of the tablet series, the iPad, it has even become synonymous with tablet.
But buying an iPad is not a small investment. Given these prices, it's critical to protect your iPad.
The focus of this post is on how to choose the best iPad case for you.

Tablet cases provide maximum protection for your tablet, iPad cases not only provide protection, but many cases also provide a way to support the iPad for hands-free use, such as watching videos.

What to look for in an iPad case

There is no one best iPad case for all: the right choice depends heavily on how and where your tablet will be used.

iPad cases  iPad Cases

Where do you plan to take it? Who else will be using it? How much protection do you need? Do you need a separate keyboard? Will the whole family use it, including young children?

If you only use your iPad case at home or work, you probably don't need a case that's drop-proof up to ten feet. You also probably don't want a larger, bulkier, waterproof model. That said, if you're prone to spills and fluke accidents, a durable case like this one may be just what you're looking for.



iPad 10.2 inch case in blackiPad 10.2 inch cases in purple

When choosing a case for long-term travel, consider whether it's suitable for outdoor adventures and rough treatment, but don't forget the extra size and weight that comes with it. If you're looking for something suitable for children, then factors like drop protection become more important than usual.

Cases for kids

 There are a lot of factors to consider, which is why we've put together this guide to the best iPad cases for a range of different uses.

 What to consider when buying an iPad case


The most important aspect of buying an iPad case is to make sure it fits the specific iPad model you own by noting its codename or year of release. When buying a newer model of iPad, you may be tempted to continue using your previous case, but they may be a different size.

Apple sells different iPad models.

 For example

12.9-inch iPad Pro

The 11-inch iPad Pro

8.3-inch iPad Mini (2021)

10.9-inch iPad Air (fifth generation)

10.2-inch iPad (ninth generation)

If you're not sure which model you own, open your iPad's settings menu and tap "General." Choose "About" and look at the field that says "Model Name."


 The next question you'll want to ask yourself is how you plan to use your case. Do you want a case that is as thin as possible, just to protect your iPad from scratches? Or do you often find yourself propping up your iPad while watching movies and cooking? If so, you might want an iPad case with an integrated kickstand.

iPad cases in greeniPad cases in black


Besides buying the right case for the iPad model you own, budget is the most critical factor to consider. Basic cases can cost $20 or less, while more complex cases, such as those with keyboards, kickstands and extra durable designs, can cost $70 or more. There are also many options between $30-$50 that offer standard protection. However, the best keyboard cases will usually cost more than $100.

How we tested and researched iPad cases

Here's a brief overview of how to test the quality of tablet sleeves

We tested iPad cases against a variety of criteria to find our best options. The quality and durability of the cases were judged based on the following factors

  • The build quality of the materials used in the case
  • Ease of putting the case on and taking it off
  • Ease of cleaning the case

We dropped each case off the bed onto a carpet about 4 feet high and checked the case and iPad for damage.

In addition, we evaluated the keyboard case by the accuracy of the trackpad and the comfort of typing. 

Life can get messy - that's why we wanted to test how easy it is to clean the cases. To do this, we enlisted the help of our enthusiastic shaggy dog. We gently stroked his fur with the case and then tried to remove any buildup from the case according to manufacturing guidelines.

So, the selection of a  case can take a lot of your time and effort, and the variety of flat cases on the market can be dizzying. In the next post we can go over most of the types of flat cases on the market, and hopefully, save you some time if it works for you.


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